Parallel Analysis

Parallel Analysis tutorial and codes

Utilizing a Logistic Regression Model to Predict Credit Card Default

1 Data 2 Income, Balance & Default 3 Model Selection 4 Diagnosis 5 Interesting Points 6 Model Cross-Validation 7 Parameter Selection 8 Conclusion Logistic regression model is widely used for group classification. In education or social science, it has been used to classify students/individuals to different groups. In the finance industry, logistic regression model is also quite useful to identify/classify individual’s group status (i.e. Y) according his/her other features (i.

Impacts of human communication network topology on group optimism bias in Capital Project Planning: a human-subject experiment

AbstractCapital projects are critical to the world’s economy. Despite the advancement of prediction techniques, capital projects still suffer from overly optimistic plans, i.e. tight budgets and schedules. This article focuses on understanding this …

Parallel Analysis: Determining the Dimensionality of Data

1 WHAT IS PARALLEL ANALYSIS 2 METHODOLOGY 3 PARALLEL ANALYSIS IN R Recently, my colleague asked me to review a state assessment tech report. In the tech report, a section-“Parallel Analysis” really caught my eyes. I have done parallel analysis multiple times in the past. However, I have never thought about this topic in a systematical way. It is always a good memory refreshing opportunity. Therefore, I take this tech report reviewing opportunity to dig down the parallel analysis.

Measurement Invariance-A Theoretical Framework in CFA

A brief introduction of the measurement invariance theory framework

Multi-dimensional Item Response Theory

A brief introduction of the Multi-dimensional Item Response Theory

R & RStudio Introduction

A brief introduction of the R and RStudio